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Is web technology holds the future?

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Many may know the Internet is interconnected computer networks, this has been derived long ago, a distributed system of physically interconnected computers. Before the web (WWW) came, the Internet was barely used to pass messages or transfer files between computers. It is the body that holds the system, as an analogy; let's say body (structure AKA Internet) alone is not enough to express the emotion, empathy, or freedom of speech, it is a structure, ( It is important to hold the structure) but if there is no soul (AKA Web) in the body then it's not complete. This is where comes WWW. The Web, a way for the Internet to fulfill the purpose, where people can communicate and share and express their thoughts. It's a new freedom. The web gave us this opportunity for freedom in today’s digital world.


Not only that, during the pandemic we have seen the true potential of web technologies. Technology like Zoom, WebEx, Adobe connect, etc became a great medium of communication. For commerce, the web is a must-have technology. Online purchase and delivery have become even more and more important. The world is changing, and if you don’t change with it or at least don’t try then perhaps it is something that you have to deal with!


Let’s leave the technology aside or how to build each of them but let’s talk about the people who got benefited from it. Every stratum of society using web technology ever than before.


Flashback: How did we communicate in the past in thousand years ago? Send a bird with a message, floating a bottle with a note on the sea, riding on a horse to pass the message, or cross the ocean by sailing, then comes radio and telephone. Now because of the web technology this passing a message just become under your fingertip! Even every single app on your phone also uses web technology.

This is the best time for new generations to learn about web technologies, so if things like the current situation (pandemic) ever repeats (hope not) then we will be better prepared.

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Zoltan Kuti wrote.
On August 19, 2020

Great post Subrata, very informative and helpful, much appreciated!

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John Gaina wrote.
On August 20, 2020

I'm glad you're back, Subrata! Great post by the way.

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Umar Shahid wrote.
On August 22, 2020

Very informative post. Well said Subrata.

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On August 28, 2020

Thank you all for your comments, glad to know that post was informative and helpful.