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30 years of web!

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It was 30 years ago, Sir Tim Berners-Lee just has proposed an idea for an information system at CERN (1989, March 12). Ever since, web technologies went through many phases, many changes and developments. His proposal was initially dubbed as “vague but exciting” by his boss! However, he did not stop there, Sir Berners-Lee also went to design and build a web browser and put together the first web server. The first website was put up a couple of years later, running on a NeXT computer at CERN, where Berners-Lee had worked.

See the first website here:


Though the very basic idea and objective of his invention remained as the core of today’s web, yet due to the progress in better processing power of computers, improved network technologies and invention of new smart devices, web technologies also has to adopt and grow in the same accord.

Over the period of time, we have witnessed many changes in society and so to technologies, for web, we have seen even new ideas such as  Web 2.0 (Participative / social web) popularised by Tim O’Reilly and Dale Dougherty at the O’Reilly Media Web 2.0 Conference, after Web 1.0 (static web), for most of our new generation this social web is very known as we use it every single day in various forms and types.

We have also seen how these new technological additions had a great  implications in our day to day life, from personal life to retail to financial sector to social and political domain. 

Growth of E-commerce almost replacing physical high street chain of stores, now a days, most of the companies had to adopt and invest in e-commerce system / site to stay in business.

We have also seen how web technology made freedom of information sharing, freedom of speck and free will open & wider to the world in a few matter of clicks!

These changes also created a great demands for new generation of web developers and technology experts on this area.

However, besides all these good things we also have witnessed how the very same technology has been misused, from malicious attack, propagandas, also for causing social and political instability, we have seen how such great technology has been used for fake news, smear campaign and for invading privacy and security, how this great technology has been misused for various cybercrime.

In recent years Berners-Lee has made a series of public interventions, warnings especially about corporate capture of online sphere. He’s also working on new decentralisation technology to try to break the grip of dominant digital walled gardens. And he wasn’t shy away from the societal challenges his invention now poses.

In his anniversary letter he urges people not to give up on the web. “If we give up on building a better web now, then the web will not have failed us. We will have failed the web,” he suggests.

As we see there is good and bad use of every technologies, it’s is our duty to keep these technologies safe and sound for new generation. This is why we need to build better and skilled workforce to combat this. 

Having a chance to keep a resource online, whether it’s a game or a piece of a great audio / video content makes it open wide to the world for sharing. This also have helped expressing one’s creativity to the world, across physical boundaries!

We want to see the web technology grow even better and wider, maybe to the intelligent web, at the same time, we must take responsibility to use it for greater cause of humanity.



Browse the first website here:


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On March 12, 2019

Layout of the first Web site remind me my the first Web site ☺️

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On March 12, 2019

Thank you though, interesting an article.